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David E
1.5 hr. theraputic massage Thank you for relieving some of my body issues. I saw my chiropractor 2 days after your work and he said that you made a difference in me being able to get my adjustment from him. He said that this was one of the easiest adjustments he had with me. Looking foreword to my next visit with you. Thank you Dave
Chantal P
The best I am so lucky to have found Erica - she is just amazing - always finding that little spot that you forgot about - the best massages I have ever had
Debbie Malone
Being pro active The first time I saw Erica, for 30 minutes, I had finally decided that to be able to have a life, I needed to participate in becoming well. I have several back diagnosis's, including a stenosis, severe arthritis in all facets of the joints, degenerative and a bulging disc. My feet suffer big lateral metatarsalia,both which are painful and limiting. After my first visit, I was blown away by how quickly my body responded to Erica's body work, which is so much more than massage! My journey has added 30 minutes,twice a month, because 30 is not enough. I feel Erica's hands on my body as if they were inside, and I feel healed, from the inside out. Erica has helped me to be able to care for my now 3 year old grandson, as well as live a happy, active, retired life. I do take some responsibility, as I also attend an exercise class twice a week, swim as I can, eat smarter, and find many things daily to be grateful for,and happy about.
Catherine M
Erica Hokett I have been receiving massage from Erica for about nine months. I value Erica's massage very much, and I consider her massages "orthopedic massages" because she is so knowledgeable about my skeletal and musculature systems. She focuses her knowledge and intuition to deal with specific body aches, pains, injuries, and areas of concern. I had a very sore hip which was limiting my physical activity. After seeing Erica for a short while I one day realized that my hip pain was gone, and I have returned to my previous level of physical exercise. She has also worked with my neck, shoulders and back in a way that has greatly contributed to a lack of pain in these areas. Specifically, Erica is a very talented massage therapist. I know when I go to her, I will receive a full body massage with specific attention paid to those areas of concern.
Michael C
Mahalo nui loa Erica I am ever so grateful to of found Erica at Malama Massage to gain back the energy and calmness into my daily life. the results; exhilaration, improved mobility and strength were instant. The fatigue and tiredness were impeding my daily life and Erica delivered the remedy through her skilled knowledge and experience of the human body and it's needs and requirements. Even sleep improved which resulted in better eating and desire to improve my health on a personal level. Mahalo nui loa and for your kokua, Erica, I am a better person, thanks to your care
Elaine R
Praise for Erica Hokett's work Erica has a calm, kind and attentive presence. She uses a gentle, but firm touch. Her knowledge of multiple modalities gives her a unique perspective and many options for addressing personal needs. Erica’s deep understanding of how the body functions helps you find your own healing by reminding muscles of how to work. Her massages are relaxing and therapeutic. I notice the effects over several days as aches and pains continue to improve. The atmosphere at the Petaluma Wellness Arts Center is peaceful, welcoming and spa-like in a very private and quiet way. I leave feeling calm, relaxed and healthy.
George W
AMAZING AS a Chiropractor, I've been associated with many Massage Therapists. Erica is by far the best I've ever known. Her knowledge of the body is phenomenal, and her techniques are truly painless. Erica is worth the 5 Stars!!!
Scott B
My friend:) I work in construction and through the years it has taken its toll on my body. I just figured it was occupational hazard and had learned to live with the nagging aches a pains. In particular was a nagging shoulder injury I have had for years. I figured eventually I would have to bite the bullet and have surgery on it to get my full range of motion back.My wife told me that her trainer went to see a "massage therapist" to help work through muscle strains,pulls etc. etc. I told my wife there was no way a "massage therapist" would be able to help me, I need surgery. A few months had passed and the pain was bad and and I could not raise my harm over my head, I could barely get my arm to 90 degrees from my body. My wife again, mentioned the " massage therapist". I reluctantly decided to make an appointment. My appointment day arrived and I met Erica but did not believe that this appointment would help my shoulder. I was wrong. I left my my first appointment with full range of motion in my shoulder and the pain level went from a 10 to a 5. I continued weekly visits for about two months. My shoulder and neck were feeling great and I was almost pain free. That was over 4 years ago. I have a standing bi monthly appointment with Erica. My body has never felt better. Erica's knowledge and guidance have been invaluable to my body and my mind. My appointments now are more visiting a friend and catching up with what is happening. I know more about the local music scene that I would ever have known prior to meeting Erica:) and get a little bodywork done at the same time. After every meeting I leave,there with a brighter outlook on life than when I came in, and that is because Erica works on the overall person which includes the body and the mind as well.